My name is Georgia Apostolidou and I am the founder and owner of Pompon Story Events.

Being a wife and a mother of two wonderful boys is the most beautiful part of my life. Another one is decoration- I love deco in just everything. Ever since I remember myself, I used to almost decide about the right wallpaper and the paintings for my parents house. Fashion fascinates me- Maths too. Never leaving home without my little notebook as I always have to plan and organize the everyday details. Among all these, coffee, a glass of rose wine and some nice food are the small things I choose for relaxing, socializing and sometimes inspiring.


I have a BA in Civil Engineering, from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and my MA covers Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development. I have worked for years as a freelance and as a private employee in an S.A named PPCR , whereby provided licencing and proclaimed notice for major Photovoltaic Constructions Works all over Greece.


2016 is the establishment year of my event planning company in Kozani, my hometown. Since then, my passion turned into my job and I have been active in the wider region of Central, North and West Greece.

I strongly believe, that each person is unique and that every couple has its own story to tell through their wedding. Based on that thought my team and I try to create one-of-a kind, definitely bespoke events, whether have a specific theme or not.

In order to organize and realize our goals, we have chosen the best vendors to fulfill our purposes. Our driving force is a direct combination of being meticulous and closely collaborating, taking all factors into consideration.

At Pompon Story Events, we fancy a variety range of decorative stylings, as well as mixing and matching them. Colours and details are my obsession, love flowers, stationery of high quality, yet I avoid exaggeration and consider that even the smallest thing can be elevated to be  a masterpiece, should you make the appropriate intervention.

Every couple is our inspiration, so let’s make your Pompon Story the story of your life!